A Big Fat Italian Wedding


Well, it’s time for another wedding. No . . . not mine . . . but my niece. It’s going to be fun. The wedding is taking place in San Antonio at the beginning of the sweltering Texas summer. In fact, the further south of the Red River you go, the hotter it is. You don’t have to worry about your brain melting either, because you have to worry about your entire body melting. To put it a little simpler, Dallas is about 400 miles north of San Antonio. It will be about 98 degrees every day this week in Dallas. In San Antonio, it will probably be a few degrees hotter plus 90% humidity. So as you are feeling your brain melt, you have to keep peeling your pants off of your sweaty thighs.

At least there are sights to see in San Antonio. Unfortunately, most of them are outdoors, like Sea World, The Alamo (parts of which are inside), and the River Walk. To bad we can’t all take a dip with Orca. That might turn out well.

The great news is the wedding is indoors. And I believe there is actually a mall built around the church. This is going to be great. An hour long mass, wine and shopping. What more can a Catholic ask for. How could I possibly forget. We still need a kickin‘ reception with lots of food, more wine, and dance trains. Yes! My feet are killing me already.

Let’s not forget the guest lineup, we have a 98 year old grandmother from Florida, a crazy cousin and Aunt from New York, and neighbors straight from the motherland, Italy. I’m wondering who is going to trip and fall first. Hopefully not me.

I’ll post pictures.


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