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Solutions to America’s Problems Anyone?


I’m going to pull the plug, and am publishing my most controversial blog yet.  For years, I have pondered about homelessness in America, the population growth from both immigration and birth in America, how we can help others and help our own country, on and on.  At times I seem to have flashes of brilliance only to be harshly admonished for being too conservative or too liberal.  No matter what political party, religion or groups you affiliate yourself with, you have to admit, America may just be in trouble.

With that said, I am publishing my humble ideas, (which are subject to change at any moment), and hopefully will get to hear about your ideas.

We have lots of unwanted children.
We have drugs.
We have gangs.
We have violent crime (not just crime, but violent crime).

Drugs, gangs and violent crime are frequently interrelated. Drug dealers are usually in gangs.  Gang members usually carry guns.  Guns usually lead to violent crimes when carried by drug dealers in a gang.  Every once in a while you hear about the high profile murder of an unsuspecting family person or a crime of passion.  But those are few and far between compared to the common violent crimes on the streets of any major metropolitan area.  So where do we begin to fix it?

It starts with the parents at home, the environment, the total unconsciousness of our society.  Let’s start with the reason you are married and have children.  Most of you planned your children, or if you didn’t, you took responsibility for your children and then maybe planned additional children.  You work, raise your children, teach them between right and wrong, and your children go to school.  If you don’t have children, you probably made a conscious decision to not have children.  Most parents that plan and/or take responsibility for their children live a life of consciousness.

The problem is, not everyone lives their life in conciousness, planning, and trying to make the right decisions.  Many people live uncarring, ego driven lives.  These people are usually drug addicts, drug dealers, gang members, come from abusive horrible backgrounds, or are just simply dark souls with no conscience at all (like Jeffrey Dahmer).

Everyone wants solutions, and everyone has great ideas, but this is where the controversy always arises.  One person, side, party, religion, etc. may believe that their solution is better than the other.  The truth is no one knows whether it is a good solution until it is implemented.  Results will show whether it was worthwhile or not.  And how will we know unless we have results?  Kind of like the healthcare plan.

1.  Legalize certain drugs.  I know that sounds crazy, and probably doesn’t resolve turf war issues, but certainly will change the black market entirely (which also exists in prisons by the way), thus changing how drugs are sold.  I doubt it would make them more prevelant because there would be strict rules as to the amount, control and sale of drugs.  People would be going to prison for real crimes as opposed to some goofy college student with 1/2 ounce of weed in his pocket he was going to smoke on the couch.

2.  Ban hand guns, ALL HAND GUNS (except for police and military).  How can a drug dealer, desparate drug addict, or gang member shoot or rob anyone if they don’t have a hand gun?  Do you really need 20 handguns?  What’s wrong with a rifle?  I like rifles, I think they are fun to shoot.  I know, what about your constitutional rights?  I think if our founding fathers saw what was going on in society today, they would be disgusted at the mutation and abuse of the meaning of the our constitutional rights.  Having a well-armed militia does not mean allowing everyone the right to own a handgun, especially if 70% of the people with handguns possess them and use them unlawfully.  I would give up my handguns in a heart beat if it meant the mass reduction of violent crimes in America.  If you think I’m wrong, you are living in a bubble.  Yes, there have been violent crimes committed with rifles and shotguns, and that can always go up, but you can’t hide a rifle in your pants at a night club or in the arm rest of your car.  In 2002, there were over 16,000 murders, over 8,000 from the use of a hand gun.  You can check out stats (albeit old) and the 2nd Amendment at

3.  Pay people to have a vasectomy or a tubal ligation (tying up those tubes)!  I had been racking my brains for years for a solution to the overbirth of unwanted poor children who are only going to be subjected to a life of poverty and crime.  I’m not saying that everyone should just stop having children if you live in the projects or are poor, but those children should be planned or at least taken care of in a kind humane manner in which people were meant to live.  America is supposed to be the exemplar country of power, truth and freedom, but we constantly hear stories of atrocities committed against innocent children who have no part in their own abuse or death.  If you were a drug addict, what would you choose?  To have a child you have no intention of feeding or caring for or to have money $$$ to buy more drugs?  I know this is a hard one to swallow, but someone I know came up with the idea of paying people to spay or neuter themselves.  I love the idea.  Mine was always to provide free birth control, but you cannot force someone to use it.  This provides permanent birth control.  This does not mean you cannot first have children.  Maybe you are 20, unemployed, and you have four children from three different daddies who are no where to be found.  Don’t you think its time for a little self control?

As there must be, evil will probably find a way to sneak back in and ruin my great ideas once implemented.  But think of the amount of money we will save without tax hikes and bigger government by decreasing the prison population, decreasing the general population, decreasing the medicaid outlays, and decreasing the amount of overtime our homicide detectives work.  Some states would save millions of dollars in just one year from sales tax of marijuana alone!

Crazy, outlandish, but admittedly, sensible.

Carpe Diem!