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Do You Want to Live in Texas?


Why? Let me dispel some myths about Texas.

  1. All the Californians moving to Texas are NOT liberals. Texas is still really really conservative
  2. Guns are legal. Don’t like guns, well too bad, we are allowed to carry guns wherever we want to. So if you yell at someone for not wearing a mask, they will probably shoot you.
  3. Want to bring your kids here so they don’t have to wear a mask in school? Great, but hope you realize there is no room in the hospitals for your kids when they get COVID.
  4. It’s fucking hot and the electric grid still sucks!
  5. It’s fucking cold in certain areas of Texas and the electric grid still sucks!
  6. Our Governor passes laws that make no sense, like no abortions after 6 weeks. Basically women have no rights to do anything with their bodies except carry guns.

New gun laws:

Carpe Diem!