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If you are a veteran and enrolled in Tricare or enrolled in Veteran’s benefits, you don’t need this website.  If you are a veteran and not enrolled in Tricare or Veteran’s benefits, hurry and enroll so you will not need this website!

If you are on Medicare, you don’t need this website.

But if you are healthy, employed with insurance, employed part-time, or live in a State without a health insurance exchange, YOU WILL NEED THIS WEBSITE.  Why should you care if you already have insurance?  You should care because 1) the insurance company will most likely raise insurance rates for those not enrolled through the health care marketplace; 2) your employer will probably drop your insurance because the insurance company will most likely raise insurance rates; and 3) you will pay an insurance company one way or another.

Angry, Frustrated Woman  It’s unfortunate, but the entire system depends on healthy, working adults like you.

4 Ways to get Health Insurance

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