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Color family bumper stickersStick figures are popular these days.  People especially enjoy depicting their family in sticker format on the back window of their vehicles.  I’m sure you have seen these stickers.  They are hard to miss when the vehicle in front of you, usually the size of a small department store, has them plastered across their entire back window.  zombie

What precipitated my need to blog about these stickers? First, I didn’t want to be left out.  Second, I was driving behind the usual family bus with stickers when all I could notice was an out-of-place stick figure.  There was the typical male and female adult, with male and female child and a dog, all in the appropriate order.  (Animals count too by the way.)  Before you can even get to the normal family stickers, all you see is this over-sized,  crookedly placed sticker depicting an extra child on the left.  The stick figure was chubby and obviously not purchased at the same time the other five were purchased.  It literally stuck out like an extra thumb.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap a photo as we were both speeding through a school zone.  She was trying to escape my stare, and I couldn’t let it go.

Was this a step child?  An adopted child?  Someone they inherited later, and didn’t want to leave him out?  Or was it a dog that turned human?  Whatever it was, even a child of 4 years of age would wonder why it was placed haphazardly into the family line up and didn’t match the others.  It was clearly an outcast.  stick figure wanted

I started pondering why I had not seen more bastardized versions.  Then I realized I live in a large metropolitan and vogue area full of perfect people, with the exception of a few of us.  So of course, I hit the Internet for other versions.  I found everything!  People are very creative, I give them that, but can also be quite insensitive.  For example, male alpha figures with a lawnmower.  I’m surprised the female figure wasn’t wearing an apron.  Then there is the broken family (example to the left), people that are working on breaking up their family, zombie family, skull head family, people making a family (see below), and so much more.  Shockingly I did not find serial killer families or mafia families.  stripper pole

In all honestly, I really can’t stand the stick figure stickers and find them to be utterly annoying.  So I have to thank the crazy rednecks who came up with some of my favorites included here.

stick-family-crazy-cat-ladyClearly this lady never wants to date again!

Making my famiREALLY!!