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Since everyone is sharing reflective material on their blogs for the new year, I thought I would share, and hopefully, spark some change where needed.

What I have learned, even in the last 20 years, has been life changing.  I always thought I was a slow learner, especially in terms of how to properly live life to its fullest. As a stupid teenager, I thought everything I did was great and innovative.  I dyed my hair purple, pierced my ears lobes all the way up into the cartilage, started experimenting with alcohol and drugs, wore chains as jewelry, and basically ran amok.  So did Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, who actually died before I put the first hole in my body.  In some cases, my stupidity was corrected by my older siblings or smart friends who had already “been-there-done-that.”  But in other cases, I turned a deaf ear.  So, thirty-something years later, I have FINALLY learned a few things.  I write this with the hope that some of you will recognize your own faults, and make a change for the better, purple hair or not.

  1.  Be nice, damn it!  I have been accused of being a snob and was kind of a stuck-up teenager.  I was in fantastic shape, tan, making money, drove a sports car, and became a general asshole.  I still look good, make money, drive a great car, but I have worked hard to drop the asshole part.  I look back and think, “Who was that person, and why didn’t someone stop me?” I was rude and thought I owned the world.  I’m sure there is a list of 100 apologies I should make, but I often reflect on an exchange I had at my first real job, working at McDonald’s.  I was only 15, it was a very busy day with long lines and I was on my second shift.  The customer walked up to the cash register and said, “It doesn’t hurt to smile.”  How did he know?  I could have had an abscessed tooth which would have caused severe pain.  I didn’t though, and I was embarrassed, and that exchange stuck with me my entire life.  The customer was right!
  2. Don’t be a Controlling Asshole.  See number 1.  This took me the longest time to learn.  It causes a lot of problems every day when you are a controlling asshole.  It’s amazing what great things happen when you are more flexible and less controlling.  Remember, you can only control YOUR thoughts, emotions, and reactions.  So if you are having problems at home or at work, take a look at someone’s control issues.
  3. Rid Yourself of your Past.  Many of us had stuffed animal collections as babies.  Get over it.  If you ever expect to get a man or a woman in your life and feel good about yourself, you should stuff all of your crap, including stuffed teddy bears and the proverbial skeletons, in your closet, lock the closet door, and throw away the key. This is one of the hardest things to do, but it’s time to LET GO!
  4. Any Fifth Grader is Smarter than You.  Which is great.  If you have children, congratulate yourself for having a smart child, and congratulate your child so they don’t hate you when they are older.
  5. It’s Okay If ….  Well we don’t know if it’s okay, but if it suits you, it’s okay.

This list could go on for a very long time considering how immature many of us are, so I will stop here. As we travel along our journey of learning, consciously or subconsciously, stay open to learning about yourself.

Carpe Diem!




Life is Short – Have Fun


Everyone lives his or her life to the best of his or her ability, which includes all the ups and downs of a roller coaster.  Some people handle the ups and downs better than others.  Some see that change needs to be made, others strive to make positive changes, and yet others appear to be in complete control with goal-setting and lists.

No matter how you live your life, whether it’s with a bucket on your head or a bucket list, here are some ideas to jump-start your imagination to break the monotonous routine:

1.  Drive to work with the car windows down while loudly playing and singing your favorite song.  Need a song?  Some goodies include songs like “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield.  If you enjoyed the early 80’s, this song may be right up your alley.  Rick-Springfield1Or maybe you enjoy the music of the 60’s or late 70’s, when musicians gave us “Brown-Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison or “Green-Eyed Lady” by the psychedelic band Sugarloaf.   Who can deny “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” by Joan Jett or “Hey Micky!” by  one-hit wonder Toni Basil?  I guess 1982 was a good year.  Whatever song you pick, make it loud and sing it like you mean it.  You will arrive to work with confidence, swagger and the wind-blown look of a top model.  Sexy!

2.  Hit a yoga class.  No, not rob them with a gun, but attend and Project_Yoga_Richmond_1participate.  For all you NON-YOGIS, you will quickly learn that it is not all about twisting your arms and legs into the shape of a pretzel, but about joining your mind and body.  In layman’s terms, it’s about detoxifying breath bringing  oxygen to your hard-working organs, including the big one in your mess of a head.  There is no competition, no judgment, only the opening of your heart.  Just try it once so you can check it off your 2016 resolution list as completed.

3.  Attend lawn mower races.  My brother used to race lawn mowers; thus, the reason for my one and only experience with lawn mower races.  It was quite amusing to watch grown men in coveralls try not to fall off their riding mower.


Fortunately the blades were removed from the mowers.  If nothing else, it will definitely make you appreciate your own physique, or drive you back to number 3 above to try yoga.

4.  Go sky diving.  This takes a lot of guts!  A lot more than singing in your car or walking into a yoga class, but if it brings exhilaration and joy, then go for it!  I will wait on the ground for you.

5.  Create art.  Even if you are not an artist, try to create something.  There are lots of options from formal art classes to studios that offer pottery or painting while drinking alcohol.  You can fuse glass, make jewelry, throw clay on a wheel, and more. You could even take some junk from your yard, garage or house and mold it into a unique one-of-a-kind piece and put it on e-bay. wilson-child-art110712

6. Video Games.  Do you have a dance game or Twister?  Guitar Hero would be a nice change.  You know you fantasize about being the lead guitarist or lead singer of a famous rock band. No one’s looking ….

This list could go on forever. Whatever you decide to do, please be sure to get your doctor’s permission, read all the waivers before signing, yadda yadda, and don’t blame me.

Send me your extreme ideas or pics for 2016!

Carpe Diem