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TV Commercials

It’s 10:00 p.m. and according to my new diet book, I shouldn’t be drinking alcohol or watching television before bedtime.  Instead, I’m having a glass of wine, sitting on the floor in front of my laptop, and watching bad WE TV.  (The Women’s Network Television.)  Tonight’s feature is Thelma & Louise.  I can hear all the men gasping as they read this.  But this is not about Thelma & Louise or retribution by women.  It’s about the myriad of painful and lengthy television commercials they show while they cut out pieces of the movie.  And for those smart asses with a solution, NO, I don’t have a DVR, so I am one of the few that sits through tons of horrid commercials because if I am watching WE TV on the floor with a glass of wine, I am entirely too lazy to get up or change the channel.

In fifteen minutes I am told about how to control my period, fix my wrinkles, where to buy the best ink for my printer, how to get rid of more wrinkles, where I should meet the mate of my life, what to do if I have athlete’s foot, heartburn or arthritis, and where to shop for clothing and shoes. Oh let’s not forget that I should eat fake butter that tastes like plastic as opposed to maybe eating real butter and just limiting it. Oh I also need to learn to do laundry more efficiently, and as if I didn’t have enough to do, I can log on to WE TV and sign up for lots of free shit.

Of course, despite the fact that I had moved on from productivity on my laptop, I still could not stop watching Thelma & Louise, so I hung on and endured more bad television commercials. With that comes more info on how to save myself from my fat self by not eating any more, and then, if and when I decide to binge eat, which hot dogs are the best.  Those are “Hebrew National” hot dogs.  I didn’t know Hebrews even ate hot dogs!  I’m so confused I don’t know whether to starve myself to skinny or eat an entire package of all natural hot dogs with no beef fillers.

By the end of the movie, I have now made a list of several things I need to do.  I need to call everyone I know and tell them I love them, get my prescription glasses updated, brush my teeth, color my hair, purchase wrinkle cream from three different manufacturers, buy tanning lotion, comfortable tampons, and to get my employees everything they need like a color printer, insurance, a new chair, a Dell computer, and an F*n happy face for their desk!

Now that my list is three pages, I am entirely stressed out and definitely in no shape to fall asleep.  I need to get wart medicine just in case any way!
My all time favorite Quote!
“She’s a world-class racehorse.  She’s not going out for Cosmopolitans in four Jimmy Choos.”  Jason Gay for The Wall Street Journal.


Great Sports? and Gandhi

The Sports section of The Wall Street Journal (that’s an oxymoron!) highlights a fantastically written article about three spotlight-hogging athletes:  Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez and Calvin Borel??  More than likely, you have heard of at least two, but if not, here’s a reminder:
Kobe Bryant, L.A. Laker NBA star, whose career was almost derailed by a sexual assault allegation (surprise); A. Rod, a famous NY Yankee ball player earning $275 Mil a year (that’s in Millions) former Texas Ranger, boo hiss; and Calvin Borel, the Cajun horse jockey who has now won two of the three most famous and watched horse races every year, on two different horses.  
The crux of the story highlights the success of Calvin Borel, a 42-year old daredevil.  In humorous fashion, Jason Gay, the writer provides a look into crazed Americans who all of a  sudden have noticed and swoon over Calvin.  He states that Calvin could probably get Simon Cowell to remove his muscle shirt if Calvin merely stepped on stage and sang “Superfreak.”   Race analysts and Americans also made a big deal about the “filly” he rode to the finish. Everybody treated her as if it was Princess Di on her wedding day.  She is beautiful, but reel it back in everyone.  As Gay put it, “She’s a world-class racehorse.  She’s not going out for Cosmopolitans in four Jimmy Choos.”  That is now my favorite quote!
What I really want to know though, is why did he switch horses??  But then again, are we still wondering why A. Rod left Texas for the Yankees?

Now for Gandhi, that’s Sonia Gandhi I’m referring to.  She is an Italian-born 62-year old woman of high intelligence who has a “shaky command of Hindi,” according to The New York Times.  To some, she is a modern day political genius who has managed to stay out of the limelight until now.  You could equate Sonia to Karl Rove, the guy who has been described as “W”‘s puppeteer.  But I wouldn’t want to do that since “W” was not the brightest star in the sky in terms of Presidents.  Sonia is the President of India’s Congress Party headquartered in New Delhi.  

And why should we care way over here in the far West (or East depending on what side of India you are looking from)?  Remember that these are the people we talk to when we have failed miserably at getting our Internet connected or forgot to pay the electric bill.  It is people like Sonia Gandhi, her husband, who was assassinated, her father-in-law, and now her son, who have been successful in making India a better place.  We need India and India needs America.  We need countries with a population of 1.13 billion (soon to surpass China) that is full of bright colors, curry, techies and people that will make our Jimmy Choos.  (Hee hee, just a joke folks.) Specifically, we should care about the people Sonia Gandhi gets elected since it loosens the control of the communist parties in India, and creates a country we can be friends with. 
Below is a link to the The New York Times article about the success in India’s recent election.

(You may have to cut and paste the URL above.)
And just a quick note, “Jimmy Choo” is a designer of outrageously expensive shoes that only the Filly that won the Preakness can afford! 
Last, for fun, check out the link to the most famous oxymorons added to my website links.