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What’s In A Name?


This morning I woke up to my boyfriend asking me if my friend “Karen” was having an issue with her name. I was puzzled about the question? My boyfriend was surprised to learn I had not seen or heard about the “Karen” meme. I can say, “I learned something new today.”

Then when I opened up my Internet browser, an article from The Guardian popped up about the meme. I still haven’t seen the meme, but the article is great and explains a lot. Here is a link to the article:

When I started my career, I started using Cynthia because it sounds more professional. My dad refused to call me Cynthia growing up, and my family made fun of me later for using it, but they aren’t the dictators of my career. I have always thought about what comes to people’s minds when they hear my name, such as: Bitch? Snotty? Goodie Two-Shoes? Or “Cindy” Born in the 60’s, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” or you picture a little girl with blonde curls. I hope I’m none of the above. If I am seen that way, I try to correct it immediately. I’m not a blonde, so no confusion there.

And until I worked with a superior named Katrina and a peer named Marsha, I never gave much thought to a hidden meaning in someone else’s name. Except for one New Year’s Eve when I had a party and researched the history of the name of each attendee and posted each history on the walls for people to read (which provided some fun entertainment). But then there was Hurricane Katrina. Sadly, Katrina put up with rude and inconsiderate behavior during the Hurricane and after the Hurricane. I can’t blame her for getting upset. I’m not even going to mention Marsha.

I have seen a lot of examples where people are quick to judge and be openly rude out of ignorance, fear or stress. I learned years ago to not group by association. i.e. All people named “insert name here” are crazy. In an effort to be a better person, I have a better appreciation for not judging someone by their name, and you can just call me “Hey You.” Share the love, and don’t be a follower.

Carpe Diem!