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It’s College Football Season!!


That means lots of great football, mascots and packed stadiums. I will confess, I never understood the attraction of college football, and certainly never thought I would write about it. I’m starting to get it, sort of. The football is more exciting because the game is faster and there are more big plays. The fans are fanatical just like pro football fans. But college football fans are louder and prouder somehow. Let me describe: No empty seats, a live college band, everyone wearing team colors, and all kinds of things flying in the air including cheerleaders.

I’m still wondering about one thing, what happens to these people after college? Okay, a small percentage of football players go to the pros. Others graduate with useful business degrees and do something with their lives. And the rest end up in jail-just kidding. The fans move on or purchase space to tailgate every week. But what do the male cheerleaders do? Do you ever think about that? They have spent four years throwing girls around, looking up their skirts and screaming into super-sized megaphones.

I couldn’t stand it, I had to do some research on male cheerleaders. I had to start with the query of what makes them want to become a cheerleader in the first place? Are they gymnasts or perverts? “The Google machine” and of course my all time favorite “Wiki” gave me the answers I sought.

First, you have to first want to become a college cheerleader before we can find out what happens to them after college. Did they get kicked off the soccer team or something? Second, they have to be athletic and strong because they have to be able to throw girls around and make pyramids. Last, they have to face the stigma and labeling. Other than that, I’m not sure there are a lot of other qualifications.

I found scholarships and coed cheer leading camps for guys. Wow, never knew such a thing existed. More interesting I found a science school blog called “Serendip” that claims cheerleading is a sport. (George, what do you think, sport or not?) We have previously debated as to whether NASCAR is really a sport. And I am reminded that clearly there is a winner and losers in NASCAR. What about cheer leading? If your team wins does that mean you are a better cheerleader? Is the physical demand in cheerleading more intense than NASCAR? I digress.

Since “serendip” is not a word but the name of a college newsletter, and serendipity means “by accident” or “good luck”, then I have decided it is by accident that males become cheerleaders in the 21st century. In fact as I sit here, I’m watching the LSU v. Ole Miss game, and their are some guys on the cheer leading squad that look like they should be sitting in a dorm room in a lazy boy with cigarette burns drinking a six pack of Miller High Life and eating Doritos. You might even throw in some Taco Bell at midnight. So I’m finding it hard to believe this is a true athletic sport. I’m throwing it into the NASCAR category of sports that may not really be a sport.

Last, cheerleading was actually created by men. Specifically, it was a pep club started at Princeton in the 1920’s by men. But starting a pep club hardly requires athletic prowess.

So what happens to male cheerleaders after college? Maybe they become male singing telegrams or motivational speakers. I have yet to find any information on what happens to a male cheerleader after college. Mystery unsolved and another alleged sport “un-designated” as a real sport.

Carpe Diem!


Reasons my boyfriend will not talk to me


Listen up gals and guys – this is a mini crash course in women are from venus and men are from mars – or whatever the name of that book is.

Some people, not just women, like to talk. Nowadays there is a variety of virtual outlets for people to get it all out. For example, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and much more. In fact, this subject warrants a separate blog on another day, including appropriate manners while on one of these networking websites. It’s more like being in an internet bar 15 minutes before closing time. Everyone’s high from instant messaging and wondering who is going to take them home tonight.

However, here, now, tonight while I sit in a swanky hotel in the middle of downtown Chicago, I’m going to provide my very own Top 10 (or 9 or 11) reasons why my boyfriend wants me to stop talking. Maybe we can all learn from this.

No. 10 – He’s watching football. It doesn’t matter what I say, if it does not include the word “football” I might as well talk to myself.

No. 9 – He’s watching baseball. Id.

No. 8 – It’s Sunday and football is about to start. Need I say more.

No. 7 – It’s 5 minutes until noon on Sunday and he has to set up his fantasy football team (s), and he does not have time to get into a conversation or debate about the latest store at the mall.

No. 6 – He never wants to hear about the mall, no matter what day of the week or what time it is. (Yes, there is more substance to him than just football.)

No. 5 – He’s had a long day and is hungry. Oh wait, as long as there is food involved, he will listen.

No. 4 – It’s time to go to sleep. Oh wait, he’s snoring, guess I can go back to talking to the wall now.

No. 3 – At the gym. When he’s lifting something that is 5 times his weight, he definitely does not want to hear about my best friend’s melodrama.

No. 2 – When I’m stepping out of the shower. Talking is definitely not going to be on his mind, but no matter what I say, he will think its great.

No. 1 – Did I mention while watching a football or baseball game, or any other sporting event for that matter?!

Just remember, there is always space available for free on the Internet where you can talk all day. You will not be interrupting anyone, blocking a football game on TV, or keeping anyone awake.

Carpe Diem!