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Coffee Cup Stories #2

Coffee Cup Stories #2

Day __ of “Stay-at-Home” Order.  Up with coffee and ready to start my day.  Health experts say it’s a good idea to try and keep your usual daily routine. Not sure about your daily routine, but my guess is it includes numerous stressors.  The alarm wakes you, the baby is crying, the dogs are pacing, the weather sucks, the cat is mewing, no one turned the dishwasher on, the wet clothes are still in the dryer, and at 7:45 a.m. you realized you have an 8 a.m. dentist appointment.  All of this and you have not even stepped into the office yet.

New stressors have now appeared, especially for parents who are fortunate enough to work from home, but now have to help with homeschooling or online school for their children. Friends have posted things on Facebook, like “Be glad you don’t have children,” “I am now trapped with my children,” and the like.  Kudos to parents everywhere.  The worst thing my furry children do is stink.

Coffee Cup 2

I chose Coffee Cup #2 because it reflects my bohemian style. I found it at an outdoor art fair, and wish I had purchased more than just one.  This is my favorite coffee cup and reminds me of carefree days, instead of days where my friends are trapped with their children.  I look forward to walking around an outdoor art fair without fear of breathing on each other.

Carpe Diem