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Tuna and Tomatoes and Some People


Well, this is merely the opinion of my taste buds. When I eat tuna salad with tomatoes together it takes on a yucky tin taste. It’s an individual thing I guess.  I’m sure there are people who like tuna salad with tomatoes, and others that dislike tuna salad and/or tomatoes.  We are all different.Image

It’s these differences that make us individuals.  Most people were raised to be independent thinkers, have their own identity, and allowed to express their creativity in a legal sort of way.  Many were taught that being a unique individual is a good thing. But has it caused all of us to be so individual that we then show our dislike and distaste for all others who are different than us?  I have written before about this but in a political sense.  Our population has grown by leaps and bounds, and we have elected various representatives and senators to go on to Washington, D.C. on our behalf.  Once there, they argue about what is right.  Each one thinks what they have to offer is right, whether it’s right or wrong for their district.  There is so much individuality, it seems nothing gets accomplished. Maybe that is an extreme example.

One of my favorite things in life is meeting new people and observing the differences.  I don’t always appreciate the differences, but I certainly do not make people feel uncomfortable for being different, having an opinion, or an emotion.  I have encountered a lot of strange things lately and one of them is the individuality of people coming through some strong personalities.  There is nothing there for anyone else.  It’s like stepping onto another planet made solely by them.  It’s one that will not last as a loving, sharing, equal planet, but one that creates negativity in the universe.  Nothing good resulted from these encounters which had a negative ripple affect.

But what to do?  It’s time to clean up.  Individuality is a beautiful thing, and in my not so humble mind, doesn’t mean it’s okay to be pushy, a bully, spew whatever pleases, and do whatever satisfies no matter the consequences. These negative things divide people, friends and families and cause future problems.  It can be as simple as losing a wonderful long-time friendship, to as grandiose as having Russia on your bad side.  Maybe the majority of us are here to endure and take these lessons with us to another dimension.  Either way, I still enjoy the individuality, the struggles I learn from, and the negativity I feel from others helps me be a better positive person.  That’s all I can do for now.  Instead of fighting bad people and creating more bad, it’s better to live and learn and move on, albeit really hard.  It’s going to take some practice!

Stay strong and individual, but don’t forget to be kind.  Image

Carpe Diem