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Two Australian Guys Walk into a Bar . . . .


I’m seriously behind on my writing projects, but that’s okay.  One of my goals this year is to keep up my blog, and the other is to chill out.  So I guess right now, I’m in the “chill out” phase of writing on my blog.  Mostly because the world seems to be experiencing some really strange things, and I can’t write any better than the world can create chaos.  An acquaintance claims it is the position of the planets right now through October, at least.  I can’t disagree with her.  It makes more sense then the Texas Governor who stated the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is an act of God.  This is a man that shot a coyote while out for a job with his dog.  Once he felt safe, he and his dog continued on their run.  So many things wrong with this story, and so little time, so here’s the link for you crazed political junkies:

I went to Chicago recently and escaped.  Now if you have to go to Chicago to escape oil leaks, Greece going bankrupt and your computer, than the planets are definitely not aligned.  I did have a great time, and amassed a lot of writing material.  Like the story of two Australian guys in a bar.  I’ll save it for later since it is one way to look at national health care, and right now everyone is sick, form national health care (except me).
Last, I usually write about the Kentucky Derby.  Instead of writing about this year’s race, I completely missed it.  Yes, there is a DVR in my house, and yes, I set it to record.  It just so happens that those darn planets caused the phone, the satellite and the DSL to all go down within a couple of days of each other.  It was weird, like aliens visiting weird.  In fact, the Saturday night before all of this, I was chilling out in a hotel lobby at about 11:00 at night.  No, I wasn’t hookin, I was waiting for a midnight movie to begin at the Texas Frightmare Weekend.  (A story for some other day.) John Carpenter and Elvira were even in attendance.  But as I am sitting in the bar, I was zoning in on Larry King Live on the television.  He had two guests on, one was Stephen Hawking, who believes that we should not be talking to aliens, or encouraging in any way, their visitation here on earth.  I think it’s a little late for that.  But for all you people out there coaxing them to land in your back yard, STOP IT!  I don’t want to become a lab human.

Regarding the Derby, I had no pick, but will predict Super Saver will NOT be the next triple crown winner.  He just doesn’t have it in him.  And after meeting Lulu, I think I know who the 2012 Derby winner will be – her picture is below).  Lulu is a 3 week old thoroughbred filly who likes her butt scratched!) 

I hope everything is cool.  Stay away from anything bad for you, aliens, and the Gulf Coast.