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Things you Never Think About

It is important to let go of all thought and be still on a regular basis.  I am not talking about zoning out and staring at your new plasma, but purposely NOT thinking about anything.  I will admit, this takes a lot of practice.  But if you are one of those people who can’t stop thinking and shut your head off, not even for a moment, maybe you need something new to think about.  This week’s blog features crazy contests, obtrusive people, weird politicians, and strange vocabulary words for your repatuer.
1.  Weird Politicians (other than former Il. Gov. Blagojevich)
If you are skeptical or interested in how Obama’s proposed $800 billion stimulus package is going to be spent, you can track it (if it is approved) at  Even though there is no approval for this package yet, there is already a website!  Got to love the enthusiasm.  If you are interested in what Obama is up to, you can watch a weekly address by video at  As soon as you hit the enter key, you can’t avoid it!  Here you will also find blogs, not that you can leave a comment, but blogs nonetheless.
Last, if you venture into, be sure to check out the OPL-IGA page (Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs) and leave a comment.  Yes, that’s right, you can be part of the policy process by leaving a vague or detailed comment about current or pending policy.  This is the government’s attempt to get Americans involved in the process or to give the Secret Service a bigger database, not sure which one.  Although it is not interactive, there is a promise that the web page will grow.

2.  Crazy Contests.
Enter a writing competition. Did you ever hear of the Universal Postal Union? They actually have a writing competition. I wish the theme was something like “What is the meaning of ‘going postal‘ and explain why?” Hee hee.

Reader’s Digest has a writing competition as well. You could be the lucky winner of $100 worth of Reader’s Digest books while you pay your entry fee so they can disseminate your story all over the world for free!  Can’t wait to get screwed.

3.  Obtrusive People
Maybe you know someone who is or maybe it is loud and forceful, or maybe it is you.    Last week I apparently was obtrusive as I was performing a task that really requires no skill or thought, but happen to cross paths with someone who finds everyone obtrusive.  It has made me acutely aware of the small space we all work in together.  Now I am working hard to walk around very quietly, not share my personal conversations in any way in the office, and to be more aware of my actions.  How do you affect people around you?  
In an effort to still be pleasant, interact with humans, and basically fulfill my word quota every day, I am blogging more.  This has helped a lot!
4.  Strange Vocabulary
Think of some words you like or enjoy saying, but don’t know what they mean or how to use them.  My words today are “epiphany” “abominable” “fervent” and “nomenclature.”  So many words so little time.
Have a great week pondering!


The Importance of History and the Cycles of Life!


I am writing this post on a National holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Although MLK, Jr. was a co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957, he became the front man.  Whatever the reason for his being pushed to the front, it provided us with a holiday.  So if you work for a bank or a court, congratulations, you got a day off.  I actually got a half day off.  I’m wondering what Columbus Day holds for me?  

All joking aside, we are on the eve of the inauguration of President-Elect Obama, one of the most historic times of our lives.  My brothers and I were all born in the 60’s.  I was smack dab in the middle, 1965.  MLK had already marched in Washington D.C.; Kennedy had been slain; and I was entirely to young to understand the consequences that were to come from the Vietnam war.  So this event here and now rises to the level that no other event in my life can reach. 
Interestingly, many of you reading this blog are in my shoes as well.  Some a little bit older, some a little bit younger.  Maybe you were too young to understand why we fought in World War II or why Desert Storm was necessary (or not).  But I will wager a bet that you have a more lucid understanding of those historical events and the history that surrounds your life now.  And, as we age and live, patterns start to appear.
Why is this important?  Aside from lying about the house in your pajamas at noon on a national holiday playing Wii or watching A Family Guy marathon, we are making and recording history.  You may not think you are part of it, but if you are alive and breathing, you are definitely part of history.  I cannot thank Obama enough for indirectly providing me with material for my blog.  Nor can I thank MLK enough for giving me time off of work to relax and lounge in my underwear.  
As you unconsciously slide your slippers on the carpet and shock the crap out of yourself on the toaster at 2 pm during an episode of Dr. Phil, take a moment to envision what is going on around you.  Now realize that everything you do influences someone else, like your children, friends or co-workers.  Your resulting influence is carried away to influence others.  It creates history and the cycle of life.  
My grandmother will be 98 years old in May.  Her eyes have seen a lot, including 6 wars, the automobile revolution, the making of the airline industry, and of course historical events which are too numerous to mention here.  She recorded all of her travels around the world, and in doing so recorded history.  She does not store them on a computer and she shares them with everyone.  She taught me a lesson without uttering a word.  Go out, enjoy the world, record history and share.