Who the H*?# Should You Vote For?


What better to blog about this week than McCain’s vice presidential pick, Sarah Palin. Is this McCain’s attempt to “change Washington” because everyone knows he has not had enough time in the Senate to do that . . . Maybe he has been too busy campaigning?? Isn’t this Obama’s platform? Well I’m glad we got that straight. Now that everyone wants to change Washington, we have to now decide which dynamic duo is best fit for the job. Like many of us, you probably have not had time to read all the over dramatized crap of the press or the candidates websites. So I bequeath to you a few facts from each of the candidates’ websites and/or news clippings that I felt were legitimate. (It was hard to refrain from Wikipedia, but I did!)

Obama / Biden (The Oreo Feel Good team):

Obama is a young U.S. Senator from Chicago who spent years in the Illinois legislature. His parents are racially mixed, one a student from Kenya and one from middle America, Kansas. Obama was ultimately raised by his mother in Hawaii after his father returned to Kenya. He was an average student until he got involved in politics in college. After college, he worked for Christian churches; and after law school, turned down lucrative offers to work for a small firm and teach Constitutional law. As part of the Illinois legislature, Obama was a strong advocate for women’s issues.

Biden is a senior Senator from Delaware (1972) and was a single parent to his two remaining sons after a car accident took his wife and daughter. And like many parents, Biden was willing to give up his first senate election for his family. He is remarried and had a fourth child with his new wife. He served on the Senate Foreign Affairs committee with Obama and is up for re-election, which makes him available.

McCain / Palin (The Do-it-my-way or no-way Team):
McCain is a senior US Senator who started out as a US Representative in 1982. He is a proud Navy veteran, a POW (probably suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – how could you not!), and has been observed as very angry by President Bush’s former Chief of Staff. Although John McCain has seven children, we never hear about his first wife. Much of his time in the Senate has been spent on reform including lowering taxes and less government.

Now, here here are a few things you should know about Sarah Palin that people are already getting incorrect:

In 1984 she was not Miss Alaska, she was the RUNNER UP;
She is only 44, but yet older than John F. Kennedy when he ran for President;
She was the mayor of Wasilla, AK, population 9,780 according to the US Census in 2007, and was elected as the Governor of Alaska in 2007.
She is currently involved in a legislative investigation over the firing of an Alaskan State Trooper involved in a divorce from Palin’s sister and Alaska’s Public Safety Commissioner who was pressured to fire the State Trooper.
She is a member of the NRA
She has 5 children, and some of her fellow countrymen do not think she is ready to lead.


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  1. I love Palin. I think it’s a gutsy choice. But where are the so-called feminists now that Palin’s family is under attack by the nutjobs over at Daily Kos?Feminism failed it’s first test by abandoning Hillary and now they’re not stepping up for Palin.

  2. Not exactly an impartial post. I think you need to give McCain and Palin a break or at least make it clear that you are on the other team. I really like Palin. I think she can kick butts and take names. At least McCain had the balls to pick a candidate that is not from Washington and is on message. Joe Biden? Give me a break. What a blow hard ass.Barbara

  3. Is she any relation to Michael Palin of Monty Python fame? Because he was funny. She’s a right-wing gun nut of a political ingenue, though, who has no business becoming president when McCain kicks it.

  4. McCain has lost it. Officially. The best argument the GOP has had against Obama is his LACK OF EXPERIENCE. They can no longer play that card with this choice. She has executive economic expertise? Really? Alaska’s economy is made up of oil and gas and gaming. It makes MS’s economy look diversified. As for foreign policy experience, Russia is somewhat near Alaska, and Alaska is not in the continental U.S., so it’s sort of foreign. Okay, I’ll stop with the Fox talking points. She has zero experience, which is funny to me, because there are some Europeans who think Barack Obama is ALREADY president. Hmmm. McCain did the Supreme Court and the country a favor by picking this hyper-American beauty queen as his running mate who will be lead around by her nose by Karl Rove and friends and the country knows it. And thus, will not vote for the ticket. Thank you, John McCain. You REALLY DO LOVE YOUR COUNTRY!!

  5. Sarah Palin scares the heck out of me for many reasons!! The gun toting picture of her on the cover of Newsweek blew me away! Boy does that give me a warm fuzzy feeling! She is obviously very ambitious, but also not very experienced. I shudder to think of her being a heartbeat away from a 72 year old president. I think she and John Mc Cain should be ashamed of themselves for their disgraceful attacks on Senator Obama. I think women are smart enough to know that the main reason Palin was chosen is because McCain figured that women would vote for any women without regard for her beliefs or experience. I think we are smarter than that .

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