Well it’s that time of year again.  The time when everyone has written down or mentally noted all the positive things they are going to  implement in their lives this year.  New Years HatAnd it’s the time of year that I start blogging again.

Last year I decided not to have any resolutions at all.  I guess it worked out okay since I had a good year.  The best part was not feeling any pressure to do everything on my list.  It still didn’t remove the self-imposed agony of not accomplishing something.  At least on those days I reminded myself that I had no resolutions and that it was okay!

2014 New Year’s Resolutions

1.  . . . . . .

Now, I’m taking my time crafting my resolutions.  I want resolutions I can live with, and you should do the same.  I recommend throwing away your list and starting over.  Think of it as a new year cleanse.  Now that you have rounded the corner by making it to the second week in January, signed up for a gym membership and adopted a dog, you can better figure out what it is you want and don’t want for the rest of the year.

For instance, I always feel the need to touch base with people I haven’t talked to in a long time.  Then I remember that there is a reason I haven’t talked to them in a long time and I scratch that off my list.  There are other more important and satisfying things I can do with my time, and I have Facebook for this sort of distant communication.

I definitely feel the need to eat clean.  Since eating clean takes a lot of energy and planning, it’s not something to be done all at once.  So I take small steps.  You can start a new diet by throwing away all the crap in your kitchen.  But then you know you will be in a drive through window in a few days, so take it slow by cutting out a few things at a time.  Just don’t take my coffee away.

Exercise is alwRichard Simmonsays at the top of everyone’s list.  Maybe this year you should try something new and out of the ordinary.  Pole dancing has become really popular.  I’m just saying . . .  If you aren’t exercising, my advise is to get going, start small, and then add-on.  Walking is free and only requires a good pair of shoes.  You also have the freedom to wear whatever you want, like sauna suits or tie dye t-shirts.  Of course you can break out those short shorts and bad 70’s head bands.  No matter what you wear you will still feel good about yourself after a walk.  If you really want to get in shape, go to the park and run sprints, but do it before the pee wee soccer game so parents don’t think Richard Simmons is coming to get their children.

The point is when re-writing your new year’s resolutions remember slow and steady wins the race.  Or at least that is my main motivation for not completely deciding on my resolutions this year.  I have never taken anything slow and steady, but here we go.  Scratch off unnecessary, time sucking things from your resolution list.  Throw away the junk food in your kitchen.  Dawn the most comfortable clothes for exercising.  Now go and complete one thing on your list.  Are we having fun yet??

Carpe Diem!


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Amateur blogger and intense observer of life through warped sunglasses. In an attempt to hone my writing skills, I am having fun bringing humor and entertainment through observations of everyday experiences. Nothing is sacred!

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