Answers to the Olympic Mind Game



2.  With no wings, she soars to heights unimaginable to many of us.  She springs to life in the air, twisting, turning, heels above her head.  Quickly, her knees meet her chin and an air somersault is completed.  She thrusts her feet downward as the top of her head appears to reach for the sky to form the straightest line she can with stiff elbows, overly pointed toes and a straight back.  As she descends towards earth at an exaggerated speed, her flat feet meet the mesh with bent knees in order to stop the tremendous force created by her own weight against gravity for a perfect landing.  TRAMPOLINE!

3.  Breathing hard, nostrils flaring, glistening sweaty muscles working at their optimum in an effort to beat the clock and time of other competitors at the finish line.   Both hearts pounding, wind blowing through their hair with nothing but one apparatus separating them and only trust holding them together, as they traverse at about 20 miles per hour.  They pound over grass, struggle through the resistance of water, and hurl themselves over obstacles and down cliffs not knowing what dangers lie ahead in their race.  CROSS COUNTRY EVENTING!

4.  One leg, one arm, a face, dipping in and thrusting out, rolling to the left and the right, constantly making adjustments but never losing grace.  Every move perfectly calculated, designed, choreographed and rehearsed a hundred times for the Olympics.  Years and years of lessons, training, practice, coordination and dreams go into a routine the length of a song once every four years. With absolute perfect timing, the duo descends with only the air in their lungs to hold for several minutes.  They emerge with bright eyes and big smiles. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING!

5.  Dashing in, emotions and intentions hidden, armed and ready to play.  With the target in focus, players move back and forth and side to side, shifting to their heels and then the balls of their feet with nothing but the strike in mind.  Hits are the goal, hit after hit after hit.   They are careful not to allow any distractions including the glare from their weapons.  After numerous 3 minute bouts, the white knight is draped with a medal.  FENCING!



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