Go Straight to the New Year


I’m skipping right over Christmas as if Rudolph spooked and flew over North America.  Every year I hear disheartening comments decrying the Christmas holiday.  For a lot of people, ’tis the season of stress, overeating and credit card abuse.  And if you don’t submiss to advertisers pleas to lavishly spend on your children, buy a diamond ring or a Lexus, then really, whats the point?  So this year, I am giving Saint Nicholas a vacation, and I’m letting go of the stress caused by a never ending cycle of seeking out the perfect gift that does not exist.  I’m pulling the plug on Christmas.  (Not really, I love giving gifts and visiting with family over the holiday, but for this blog, I’m throwing in the towel.)  It’s time to just let go.  If the Christmas holiday brings you down, then you should pull the plug too.

The Christmas lights are out, but the new year is being pulled around the corner by eight white horses.  To smooth over the loss of a major holiday, and to provide rejuvenation, I came up with a fantastic idea for new year’s eve.  Instead of the usual party horns and champagne, or the burying of deep thoughts in the yard to dig up next year, or the destruction of bad thoughts by burning them in a bonfire in the middle of your living room, ask the people around you for help.

How do we do that?  We allow our loved one(s) to write our new year’s resolutions for us and we write theirs!  That’s right.  Your project for the next two weeks is for you to have the person closest to you write your new year’s resolutions.  Here is the example for women to write for their husbands and boyfriends around the world:

1.  I will always pick up my dirty laundry
2.  I will help with cleaning out the litter box
3.  I will go to the mall with my girlfriend at least three times next year
4.  I will plan more vacations
5.  I will actually go grocery shopping
6.  I will learn what to put in the recycling bin
7.  I will remember that when I am nagged it is because I am not doing items 1-6.

See how easy that is?  I’m sure my boyfriend’s new year’s resolutions for me will look something like this:

1.  I will stop nagging him to clean
2.  I will stop nagging him to clean the litter box
3.  I will not ask him to go for a walk with the dogs
4.  I will not ask him if he is mad at me
5.  I will not ask him if I look fat in those jeans
6.  I will go or watch the equivalent of 200 baseball games with him
7.  I will love the catchers mitt he bought me for Christmas.

I would love to share your lists on the blog.  Hope to see your lists soon.  Just click on “Post a Comment” link to post a comment below. 

Namaste, Carpe Diem and Merry Christmas anyway!


About Cynthetics

Amateur blogger and intense observer of life through warped sunglasses. In an attempt to hone my writing skills, I am having fun bringing humor and entertainment through observations of everyday experiences. Nothing is sacred!

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