Politics and Racism


With a title like this, there is just so much I could say.  But for now, it is really all about one story.  Have you heard of this book? Game Change:Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime?  It was written by two political reporters who have been very succesful in indirect marketing.  I know, some of you are bored already, eyes glazed over and a nap is creeping up.  But wakeup – times have changed.  What I mean by indirect marketing is the fact that the book contains what some have said is a racist statement; thus, causing quite a stir. 

The authors quote a politician who referred to candidate Obama as a “light-skinned black without a negro dialect.”  Reading around the quote, you can understand the context of how it was written and that it related to finding a popular candidate who was crazy enough to run for President and lucky enough to possess the right attributes to be elected.  It was not meant to offend.  Obama does purport to be a black man does he not?  Well an apology was demanded of course! 

Now here’s where it gets more interesting.  I’m not sure who demanded the apology since I have been turning the television and all of my Internet streaming news feeds off lately, but according to the guy with two first names that is now hosting Meet the Press (my former favorite political show), the Democratic National Committee was seeking an apology on behalf of President Obama.  (or something like that).  So the Chairmen for the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee were guests on Meet the Press.  By the way, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee is white and the Chairman of the Republic National Party is black.  The black man says that comments like this (free speech?) sets us back 50 years.  Hmmmm, that is interesting coming from a black man who claims he was “raised on the streets of D.C.” and is now the Chairman of the most conservative political party in the United States of America.  Wow.  I’m surprised there have not been riots on the floor of the U.S. Congress. 

Obama has not necessarily made a lot of popular decisions, but drastic times take drastic measures.  Hopefully, with some skill and another couple of years of time, he will get things turned around.  Maybe if the Chairmen of the political parties did something constructive, other than bickering over comments made for the purposes of recording history, then we might see slight improvement in the overbloated, hot air problem in the US. 

Awake now, I bet you are.  Last, and probably a lot more interesting to some of you, is a link to a blog I follow, Zen Habits.  This contains really really really simple steps to dieting.  Half the battle to losing fat and being healthy is your diet.  Happy New Year again and again.

Carpe diem!


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