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Crosswalks Have a Purpose!

As they would say on Monty Python’s Flying Circus  . . . “Now for something completely different.”  This article is not entirely about crosswalks, it’s more about  . . . well, I’m not sure what it is about, maybe awareness.  But crosswalks really do have a purpose.  
When people cross the street without using a crosswalk, it can be irksome.  Why should you and I care? Because if a pedestrian gets hit by a driver, it costs time and money for everyone.  It’s not as simple as you would think, the driver being responsible and the insurance company handling up on it.  You see, in May while I was out jogging, I utilized a crosswalk. I clearly had a walk symbol and traffic was at a complete stop.  All was fine except when some guy in a rush to get to the burbs decided to make a right turn on red while I was in the crosswalk. Fortunately, he did not completely run me over. And I do mean fortunately, because he was driving an SUV the size of a mini tanker. 

So did he get in trouble? No.  The guy was somewhat of a bully.  He did not render aid nor offer.  After I finally peeled myself off the roadway, and insisted that I needed to get checked out by medical personnel, he finally gave me his contact information.  After pulling those teeth while in a daze and probably shock, I just decided to let go and walk home.  I was tired of fighting.  Sad, that even though, according to the old driver’s handbook, I was following all required duties of a pedestrian, that I still could not get any respect.   

$6,000 later, here I am.  I decided to allow things to just happen, and let it run its course through the proper channels.  I was not interested in suing, dealing with more lawyers (the driver is a lawyer), or getting my deposition taken.  It is just too small of a matter for a lawyer to take on because of expenses.  When it is all said and done, neither of us will end up on the plus side.  Only the insurance companies and the medical companies will be compensated, but very little will be left for time lost healing or dealing.
Which brings me to my other point, besides the importance of paying attention when driving near crosswalks, pay attention to who you vote for. How will their legislative record affect your life?  I know, I know . . . you don’t have time to worry about that, nor do you care.  In fact, maybe you didn’t even vote or you are just worried about the big picture and only vote in Presidential election years.  Consider this, your time is valuable.  If you have the right people working in Congress for you, then your time becomes even more valuable and not wasted.  Remember how I mentioned that hitting a pedestrian (just one small example) costs money?  That is money taken from your pocket, and not so much in my case, as in bigger matters.  For instance, what if the pedestrian is indigent?  I fortunately have the means to pay my medical bills and insurance premiums, but an indigent person does not.  So, we all pay later through taxes and higher premiums.
As the US Congress and many state legislatures start cranking up for the year, keep this in mind how you want to live your life.  For instance, what will affect your time, your bottom line, your happiness?  Is it how insurance companies handle claims, or pedestrian laws?  Maybe it’s franchise taxes, and bank rates.  Maybe it is even as simple as living in freedom.
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Carpe Diem!

HELLO 2009!


So you think you had a bad year?  I have read and heard a resounding echo of ‘good riddance’ to 2008.  Blogs, twitter, articles, op-eds . . . it’s every where, we all agree, something (or everything) went awry in 2008.  

When I and the people around me are collectively having a bad day, week, (or year), I usually equate it with a false alignment of the planets creating a pull on everyone’s psyche.  For instance, Mars forgot to move for a couple of minutes.  2008 was riddled with misalignment in the universe and caused people to do wacky things.  We overextended ourselves, got greedy, consumed too much, and let it all hang out while still in the midst of a war.  The year was a roller coaster that started several years ago.  Maybe some of our gravity was lost from time to time, causing the roller coaster to speed out of control.  If it were not on tracks and we were not belted in, we would have been propelled into space disintegrating instantly.  Hopefully everyone kept their seat belt on.
But enough is enough.  Now it is time to slow the roller coaster down and peel ourselves from the seats.   I know, I know . . . you lost $20,000 in stocks; your pension has been depleted; your neighbor got a mortgage handout; you are worried about your employment, etc.  These things are not monsters, it’s called “change.”  And when we are riding at the highest point of the roller coaster, we don’t want change.  We are resistant to change.
I can’t say that 2008 was bad at all.  No, I did not win the lottery, get a raise, buy a new car, or even pay off all my debt.   I accepted change.  For me (a Virgo), that is extremely hard.  There are many people in my life that will have conflicting opinions on how I handle change, and I’m sure some of them are not flattering.  But now that we are in the throws of change, let’s not forget what got us here.  None of the offensive actions of 2008 would have happened if it were not for a collective ignorance of what is going on around us.  But now that we are here, in 2009, it’s time to make wiser decisions.
As sure as the days are really short right now, you have probably created (on paper or in your mind) your new year’s resolutions.  Consider the following for 2009:
1.  Things will always change.  It may not be for the better at the moment, but you can “change” that.
2.  Consider living by your own commandments (make them short and simple)
3.  Loose the “crap” in your life.  (whatever that may be.  Things, bad jobs, mean people, etc.)
4.  Do something good with the rest of the “crap” in your life.  (sell something, volunteer, fix it up and reuse it.)
5.  And if you almost got propelled into space by the roller coaster, ride a smaller one!
Ending with a lot of upbeat quips like “git ‘r done!”, Nike’s “Just do It” or “The World is a wonderful place” would just want to make everyone puke.  What I will be happy to provide instead is a swift kick in the ass.  So if you are in need, feel free to respond, e-mail, or call.