Summer Olympics ONLY day 2!


I digress from my political silliness to comment on the 2008 Summer Olympic games like only I can and because I can. First, before I get into my crazy comments about the Olympics, I should advise that I have been to Europe only once, and it was to Italy. While in Italy, I noticed a lot of shoes that were shiny silver. Not women’s shoes, but all shoes, especially high top tennis shoes for men. I’m talking about shiny silver high top tennis shoes in glass display cases all over Italy like they were pieces of a the Coliseum in Rome. I just walked around wondering who the hell would actually wear these shoes!! Well, after seeing the opening of the Olympics, I figured it out.

My top five observations of the 2008 Olympic Games on Day 2:

1. The Italian athletes all wear shiny silver tennis shoes. I knew someone had to buy those shoes!??

2. The American athletes all looked like Ralph Lauren robot clones. I had to bet my boyfriend that they were really the Americans.

3. Swimmers should not leave their goggles on their foreheads before starting a race. When they move their goggles from their forehead to their eyes, the goggles leave red circles above their eyebrows. Makes me want to take a Sharpie and color in some pupils and eyelashes so they have eyes above their eyes. This would really make people watch the swimming!

4. During the rowing, there is a group of cyclists that ride along the bank watching the rowing. I can’t wait for the cyclists to run into each other and wreck out during a rowing competition. That would really make the rowing more exiting!

5. Last, but not least, the Italians would have done great in the men’s quadruple rowing had it not been for all the gold jewelry weighing them down!

More to come. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics.


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Amateur blogger and intense observer of life through warped sunglasses. In an attempt to hone my writing skills, I am having fun bringing humor and entertainment through observations of everyday experiences. Nothing is sacred!

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  1. I’m really pissed off at the media. I think the Chinese government -or the US government- has brain-washed them into making Beijing look and sound like this wonderful place! I want to see how bad the smog really is?; I want to know how many people have no nest, because of the Birds Nest?; I want to know how much electricity it takes light the Cube?. And, those people on bikes you mentioned, are riding bikes because the last number of their car license plate determined they could not drive that day. You’ve heard of “green-washing”. Well, I think the media is “great-washing” Beijing!-il pazzo baffi-

  2. i really enjoyed watching the women’s (a/k/a “children’s”) gymnastics . . . nastia and shawn are both amazing, but i can’t help feeling sorry for alicia sacrimone. i prefer the old scoring system, but all in all it’s been great. i love watching michael phelps glide through the water — what a beautiful freestyle he has! go team U.S.A.!!

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