Coffee Cup Stories #1


Things are tough for a lot of people in the world.  I will admit, I have struggled with new restrictions and the way COVID19 will forever change the world.  But as I settle into a new reality, I am figuring out how I can help while following social distancing and “shelter-in-place” orders.  My hope is we start seeing things return to normal soon.

In the meantime, I am creating a way to reach out, called Coffee Cup Stories.  Maybe this will catch on and spread some smiles.  So I will start with my story, and I look forward to hearing your story and seeing your coffee cup, mug, paper cup, glass, whatever, in the responses.  Tell me how you are, working from home, not working, recovering, helping, being an essential person, in health care, curled up in a ball in the corner, binge watching Ozark or Tiger King, etc.

Coffee Cup 1

Coffee Cup #1:  I live in a county where there is a lot of confusion about the “stay-at-home” order that was sort of issued.  During the press conference, the County Judge, surrounded by officials from neighboring small counties and cities, declared that EVERY business and job is essential, and if you did not have a job, you needed to get a job.  No, I’m not kidding.  I quote:

“Persons who are employed need to stay employed,” Hill said. “Persons who lack employment need to gain employment. Businesses that are able to remain open need to remain open.”

In order to ease my anxiety over the fact that my county officials are idiots, I picked this morning’s Coffee Cup.  It came via Australia to Croatia to the US from friends who are from Croatia but living in the US, and now back in Croatia. Other than the image reflecting nothing but chill vibes, this cup makes me think about my friends everywhere.  And if it makes you feel better, the Order above has been rescinded.   Stay safe.

Carpet Diem


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Amateur blogger and intense observer of life through warped sunglasses. In an attempt to hone my writing skills, I am having fun bringing humor and entertainment through observations of everyday experiences. Nothing is sacred!

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  1. Nice trivia about your cup. Little bit of a tongue twister, too. Hoping that you will stay safe and healthy at this time. And that the authorities there will quickly have their thing together!

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