Trump and The IKEA Effect


I was listening to an NPR story about The IKEA Effect.  I had never heard of this before, and as I’m listening to the story, I immediately thought about Trump!  Could it be possible that he himself exhibits the IKEA Effect?  And then, bam, the story-teller on NPR went there.  I was shocked.  Here is a link to the original story, pre-Trump.

You should be asking how I got from IKEA furniture to Trump, who obviously has never picked up a screw driver or an Allen wrench in his life.  Well, I have put together IKEA furniture, bought and installed IKEA fixtures,  and decorated with their home decor.  And of course, after I assembled the furniture, installed the fixtures, and decorated, I loved it!  When friends and family came over, they noticed things about the furniture or the fixtures that didn’t work: it was crooked, cheap, didn’t fit correctly, needed adapters, etc.  They found the faults in it, but I loved it because I, and I alone, did it.  Narcissism?  Maybe, but a confidence booster none-the-less. The more furniture I build, the more confidence I have.

buildilng ikea

These people building IKEA furniture do look very happy!

Could it be that Trump loves what he produces.  Does he produce anything?  I’m not sure. According to Trump, what he has created, he absolutely loves, and it is perfect in his eyes.  I have never worked for Trump so I’m not sure what the insiders would say about the Trump culture.  Here’s a good example from Wikipedia (because as you know, if it is on Wiki it has to be true – bah ha ha):

“The IKEA effect is thought to contribute to the sunk costs effect, which occurs when managers continue to devote resources to sometimes failing projects they have invested their labor in. The effect is also related to the ‘not invented here’ syndrome, where managers disregard good ideas developed elsewhere, in favor of (possibly inferior) internally developed ideas.”  Hmmm sounds familiar.

This is an interesting article from The Atlantic from August 2015, where the author suggests Trump was too busy talking about himself to address the issues during a presidential candidate debate. Trump

In short, we have over-confidence, narcissism, and failure to regard better ideas else where, in favor of our VEJMON coffee table. (It’s very sleek and only $129.00).  VEJMON COFFEE TABLE

Happy Building!






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