Chill The “F” Out …


What happened to the hippy 70’s?  I was too young to appreciate most of the decade, but by 1979, I started getting into my groove.   I remember that the clothing styles were hideous, the music was fantastic, drugs were popular, and Archie Bunker was brave enough to air out social issues on national television every week.

Today social strife that matches the issues of the 70’s still exists; albeit, not necessarily between generations.  Young and old generations actually agree on who should win the 2016 Presidential election.  Instead of a generational gap, there is cohesiveness among certain groups.  For example, Trump lovers love Trump.  There is no in between.  Trump lovers exist in all groups, young and old, uneducated, and die-hard Republicans.  Hillary supporters are also across the board, young, old, uneducated, educated, and even Republicans.  It’s truly an odd election cycle.

Although people are not in the street burning trash cans and flipping over cars, yet, there is a thick tension resting in the air.  Everyone needs to chill the “f” out.  If you can’t stand Hillary, rest assured, she is not going to single-handedly take down the United States, and is likely to only serve one term.  On the other hand, Trump will probably get nothing done, will not get access to nuclear codes, and will likely only serve one term.  Both may embarrass us, set us back about 50 years, start some new wars, let the insurance companies win, and scare the living hell out of all US citizens, but there is hope none of this will happen.

This election has caused people to lose friendships, torn families apart, raised name-calling to a new level, and probably set records for the number of people “unfriended” on Facebook.  Everyone has a valid point, but there is now an unhealthy, ugly viciousness in how the points are made.  What I have learned in situations like this, is that I cannot control them, and it’s best to chill out.  We are great, and we will survive.

So with a calm, confident attitude, go vote and show everyone who you support, without causing a riot.

Carpe Diem!


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