Knowing when to quit is always a good idea, especially when you are the oldest person bouncing around a techno club with your glow stick.  The first time I realized I was the only person in my 30’s at a night club, I stopped dancing, and started smoking hookahs (also not recommended).

As you can imagine, now that I’m past my 30’s, I’m thankful for self-awareness and satellites.  I can still enjoy all my favorite techno or trance without making a fool of myself.  So suck it up 20 something’s, I have my own office with a door, my own house, my own car, acLizard Lounge Beamerscess to satellites, and don’t have to suffer through techno clubs any more.  (pictured here is the Lizard Lounge, one of 10 best clubs in Dallas.)

So this is for all those not so tech savvy people who love music but hate clubs.  In my office and at the gym, I like Pandora Internet Radio.  Of course, paid Pandora is far superior than unpaid Pandora.  Then there is the giant, the latest rage, Amazon Prime.  And just in case you are really lazy, you can access all things Amazon through an Amazon Echo and be completely hands free.  Just tell Alexa what music to play and on what app.  You want to hear a real radio station on iHeart, she’s got it.  Want to play Pandora or Amazon Prime, easy. Need TuneIn Radio, done.  I’m falling in love with Alexa.

Whether its Pandora, Amazon, Google or iTunes, you can create just about any music channel your brain can imagine.  Giving a thumbs up or thumbs down for songs selected helps tailor your listening experience, all from some floaty object in the sky.

But what if you don’t have access to satellite or Internet?  That’s when you need to download your music library from Amazon, iTunes or Google Music which offers offline listening.  Now, you can access your music on the subway in New York City.  Subway stuck in the tunnel and not moving?  No problem, you have DJ Tiesto to help you “fagetta ’bout it.” Just beware, Google Music costs $9.99 a month for all access without the drone delivery offered by Amazon.

At home, I turn on satellite television, and way up there in the upper channels are several radio stations.  My favorite is the “zen” station, which I leave on for the dogs.  My dogs love this station so much, I came home to find them burning incense and sitting on meditation pillows.

And this is really old school, but I don’t think I will ever give it up, my iPod.  Since most of my music is being held hostage by iTunes, I load my old Nano up with my favorites, and still wear it proudly on my arm.  If all the satellites go down, I have gigs and gigs of music to enjoy.

Carpe Diem!! and Rock on.


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