2020 and No Caffeine??


It’s the annual New Year’s blog post for Cynthetics.  Thank you for sticking with me all these years, and welcome if you are new.  I went off the grid for a while, but I’m back with so many musings about my observations of people, I’m about to burst.

I’m sure YOU have some New Year’s resolutions for 2020.  Most people do.  Maybe they are in your head or you have written them down.  Maybe you even have what Rich Habits Poor Habits author suggests, a “vision board.”   I have done a vision board, and now after 10 years, it has morphed into layers of crap I never look at.  I’ll have to rethink that form of goal seeking.

So what are your resolutions this year?  The usual resolutions: lose weight, eat better, exercise, don’t curse (I never win this one), save money, pay your debt off, blah blah blah.  I say go for it, make it a big one.  So, I decided to quit caffeine. coffee

I quit drinking all forms of sodas (non-caffeine and caffeine) years and years ago.  Regarding other caffeine, I started months before the new year with no more caffeine in the afternoons.  Of course, I upped my morning coffee to about 10 cups since it is the nectar of the Gods (other than wine).  Then I purchased decaf coffee for the office and for my home.  So I haven’t quit coffee, just the caffeine.  I experienced a short withdrawal with some headaches and falling asleep at my desk mid-afternoon like an old person.  I hope I didn’t snore too loudly.  Now, I’m feeling much better physically, have more energy, and only fall asleep during crime shows on television.

Any advise for quitting coffee? No I don’t drink tea.  I grew up in the US, and if you offer me tea, it is iced, and since I from the South or Southwest (depends on where you put the country of Texas on the map), people tend to offer me sweat tea.  Yuck! I went to Reddit for some advice from people who could give a rat’s butt.  Who thought of voting on a post and Reddit karma anyway?  One piece of advice off Reddit was to take a caffeine pill.  I voted that one down.  If you desire New Year resolution advice from people who may vote you up or down, check out www.reddit.com.

Good luck with your resolutions, and Happy New Year!

Carpe Diem




Finding the Bathroom in Movies?


Most movies are a form of entertainment to help people escape reality.  Because people now have the attention span of a flea, movies need to be exciting, eye-catching, and keep moving.  This leaves no time for details, like eating or going to the bathroom.  The problem becomes that the story is no longer realistic.   Do I want reality in a movie? Not really, but I also don’t want to think I can go 3 days without eating, drinking, or peeing, and still fight a dragon and win.

JamesBondMartini-720sqIn some movies, the story line takes you into the character’s daily life which might include sitting down for a meal (of course everything is always perfectly prepared) or getting ready for work (and looking like you just walked out of a makeover at Neiman Marcus).  After these types of scenes that set the tone, all bets are off.  Let’s look at the character James Bond for instance; lots of action in every sense, there is never a break.  They may have a drink at a bar, great sex, then, the characters engage in a 2 hour car chase with no sleep, no food, no shower or bathroom break, and wasted on gin. I have tried this diet, and believe me, it’s hard to get anything done.  Let’s not forget there is never a hair out of place on ANY character. Photo credit from liquor.com.

Westerns are like that too, like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, (which my boyfriend made me watch again for the 10th time).  It fails to depict real life.  Put several men together in a desert or mountains and what happens?  They all want to pee on a cactus, but that never happens. Of course, they could be severely dehydrated, but the characters drink like fish, never eat, rarely sleep longer than 15 minutes, rarely bath, and never feed and water their horses?  Are we teaching our youth you can drink an entire bottle of Jack Daniels, wander into the prairie lands of Italy with a horse and live happily ever after?good-bad-ugly-clint

How about Kill Bill, or any action film where urgent medical care would be needed?  At what point between your eyeball being plucked out (Kill Bill 2) and continuing to fight, do you stop and call 911? Oh wait, you don’t because you don’t have another eye and can’t find your cell phone!  At least your lipstick is absolutely stunning.  If I so much as cut my finger on a piece of paper, I’m running for my life for bandages and a burner phone just for 911 calls.  Elle

One of the most unrealistic scenes (but best) is the fight scene between Patricia Arquette and James Gandolfini in True Romance. Arquette is brutally beaten by Gandolfini, and at one point is thrown through a shower glass door with blood flying everywhere.  Yet, you see her 5 minutes later with no obvious cuts to her body from the glass.  First, I would be laid up in a hospital for 3 weeks with that kind of beating, and second, I would be covered in stitches. At least the filmmakers had the decency to smudge her mascara.

Of course, don’t forget my favorite subject here, managing a trip to the bathroom with a unitard, cape and body armor.  I bet that’s a bitch.  superheroescarousel

It’s just not real enough.

Carpe Diem and happy peeing (I bet you feel the urge to pee now).